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Offbits is about breathing new life into old, abandoned bits and pieces that you might find in the bottom of your toolbox, the side of your couch or at the back of your drawers. These carefully created starter OFFBITS Kits can either be assembled into specially designed OFFBIT robot Characters, or used as the springboard for your own homemade creations. 

The toy bits and pieces are made from hard-wearing high quality steel and PP plastic materials that are perfect for age 7 and up. Finished in non-toxic, lead-free coatings and paints, these components come with their own instruction manual, colorful poster, and registration key to join an online community of creators.

Remember, these robot kits are just the beginning! The real goodies are the spare parts that you’ll find at home, in your garden shed, or in the nearest toolbox. Upcycle any piece of hardware that you come across into a new OFFBITS robot part, such as leg, antenna, ear or magical transmorphing encryption radar. The possibilities are endless when the whole world is your toolbox!


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