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Minimalistic . Simple . Timeless . Versatile . Chic . Elegant

Annice was created by a pair of architects seeking to give the way children are dressed with a twist. Drawing inspiration from their main discipline - architecture; line, proportions, and details help them bring a piece of fabric to life.

"Our designs have no other ornaments other than the details themselves: the cut itself, a stitch, a fold, a button. The fabrics and colours round off the design—enhancing or softening its expressiveness. 

Here at Annice, we also pose challenges for ourselves: creating delicacy and femininity with sobriety, versatility and comfort, but without relinquishing good taste, and accompanying children in their experiences while having fun and exploring the world.

The combination of all these components—tradition, minimalism and details—gives rise to a very personal and distinct style to contemporary clothing that, without being childish, is perfect for children".   


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